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he laid off his job counsel. he never listens to them and jobs are going south and spending is going up. >> speaking of spending. how to protect yourself from massingings. grab your scissors and hide under your desk. >> spend it on other thingings. >> johnathon? >> the federal reserve, eric pledged to keep buying bonds and the truth is they are going up and against bernstein. it goes up with the yield on a five year note. they are heading higher . hold your feet to the fire . we'll talk about it. that's it for us from the cost of the freedom block and thank you for joining us and you can way in on all of the topics and let your voice be heard
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and i will see you on the five week days and have a great weekend everybody. thanks for joining us. >> it is it amazing how they are holding in faith and believing that the young boy will come home and praying for a positive outcome. >> it is day five in the hostage drama in alabama where a five year old little boy is under ground in a bunker with a manmented on murder changes.
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vice-president joe biden is saying that the u.s. is prepared to hold direct talks with teran . the nation immigration issues back in the spotlight. >> there are parts of the dream act that ronald reagan wouldn't support. >> michael reaggan weighs in . i amuma. live from the nation's capitol right now. >> we begin the hour with the latest on the drama that continues to play out in alabama. it is it a hostage situation for a five year old little boy who needs medical attention and crying for his parents. he was taken off of the school bus on tuesday. we'll go to ana who is standing by. elizabeth who is standing by with the latest on the situation, elizabeth?
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uma, we hope to learn new details. but we learned of the confirmed identify of the murderer and man who kidnapped the little boy. jimmy lee dyces is the man involve would. we are just blocks away from his property. i am here with ricky stockings. he has a seb site . ricky was on the scene before the authorities got there. we have paragraphs. you said children running down the street over your shoulder. can you tell me about it >> in front of the church the bus droach up to pick up the kids a replacement bus and the one that you see in the church is it not where it took place. the parents were coming up and grabbing the children and going back to the children . the children were upset and
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crying as well as the parents. there wasos and it was orderly because they had gathered the children to the front of the church building as the first adults were arriving here. nespecially person who lives here. you know the folkings. tell me what it was like to be on the scene and the reaction. people here. >> they were upset. you can see it happen other places but not here in our home city. everybody was upset and law enforcement was racing to the scene and swat teams racing to the scene to try to get a handle on the situation. everybody was just scare would. this is the you fourth morning the little boy woke up in the bunker. you know how hard they are working how are they negotiating? >> there is it a thingings that you can't what is it
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happening. but the sheriff came up on the scene and had video footage of him arriving and he never left the scene and he will not leave enemy that child is safe. he is sleeping in a travel trailer but he is remaining on the scene. sheriff olsen is here. >> obviously the tourn is it mourning charles pullen who was a victim of the shooting. a lot of people are grieving today. anything you can say about the community and how they are handeming it? >> he is it a hero and took bullet to save children's lives and stalling helped to save the children's lives. >> i am sorry, uma, we are going to the press conference. >> and continue patience. our volunteers and our community for the continued prayers and support.
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overnight we had an open line of communication with mr. dykes. one of the questions was asked about the child's condition. mr. dykes through our communication we have -- he told us that he has an electric heater and blankets and he's taking care of . he's allowed us to provide coloring books. medication, toys, and i want to thank him for taking care of our child. that is it very important. at this time you can ask me a couple of questions and it needs to be brief and i am limited. >> what medication? >> i can't release that. [inaudible] >> what do we know.
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>> one at a time, please . >> we can on only do a couple. >> does he have television or electricity. >> we don't have the details of that. >> we are hearing that the bus driver -- hit an emergency button to call police? >> i don't have information of that. >> cutell us the details of your conversation with the suspect in >> we have been in constant with communication with mr. dykes? >> are you making any demands. >> i can only answer a few questions and i have to get back across the street. the pio will talk to you about further information down the road. thank you. >> if you have knes send them to kevin.cook at the there will be another press conference tonight at 9:00 permanent. that's all. >> the latest on the situation
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in alabama. you can see they answered very few questions and giving us a few more details of what is it happen negligent underground bunker with the five year old child. the suspect who is holding that child continues to have constant communication with the law enforcement there and apparently an electric heater and blankets that he is providing for the child on cold nights down in that area. we understand that the child has coloring books and toys and the child is in need of medication which the authorities are giving to the suspect through a tube that they are putting down in the ground and delivering that medication and toys and coloring books to the stipulate where he's keeping that child. we report to you it is it day five of the ongoing drama that grips the country as we await word on how it plays itself out. elizabeth will be monitoring that situation and as more
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information becomings available we'll bring it to you when it happens. >> another story making headlines. is the u.s. ready for direct talks with iran over the nuclear ambitions. according to joe biden, we are . said the ball is in iran's court to show good faith. biden making the remarkings over sees. the u.s. wants to stop iran from having a nuclear weapon . here's more on the vice-president's remarks. >> the vice-president in germany in a annual gathering of top security officials said yes, the u.s. is and has been open to talks with iran about the controversial nuclear program and it cannot be just for the exercise. >> there's still time and still space for diplomacy. backed by pressure to succeed. the ball is in the government of iran's court.
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>> today iran which said it is going to increase the face of uranium enrichment and for peaceful civilian purposes. unveil would newist combat jet which comerable to a fighter jet. vice-president biden didn't give time frame for the talkings. >> when the iran leadership is serious. we have made it clear in the outset that we would not, we would be prepared to meet bilaterally with the iranian leadership. >> mr. biden spoke about syria and the civil war there. he call would for bashar assad to stip down. he is no longer fit to lead the syrian people but that assad appears to be a tyrant hell bent on clinging to power. >> molly thank you very much.
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>> and joining us with reaction to the story. fox military analyst . welcome, thanks for having me today. >> what about the timing of the remarkings from the vice-president. >> very interesting. i would say that you think we would have learned by now. it always is in the iranian court and we are noting to deal and iran does not. they are modernizing the uranium and march in the direction they want as a nuclear weapon . i don't think talks will solve that problem unfortunately. >> stow the fact that he is saying this now is it nothing out of the ordinary except he is making it in a time when people are concerned about what the future holds as iran holds the ball in his court. >> he is in a conference of a national security in europe and all of the europeans there . a feel-good conference in all
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honest i and trying to send a signal . all we have to do is step back and look at what happened with the obama administration and eight years of the bush and carter administration. they don't want to negotiate. they are hell bent on going to have a nuclear weapon and we must finally realize that and take the appropriate covert action without describing it here to stop that from happening. >> this s another story that made headlines. contentous hearingings over chuck hagel's nomination for secretary. we'll listen to that right now. >>ip am not going to give you a yes or no answer. >> let the record show you refuse tod answer the qui. now please go ahead. >> there is john mccain among the senators who were grilling hagel about his views on issues ranging from iran to
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israel. were you surprised by the way hagel conducted himself? in they felt he should have been more prepared? >> i astonished really. i know he's more skill would than that. you would have thought with all . publicity he would have had good scripted answers and looked down and responded that way and clearly the sturge was a success. he could have said i like many others didn't think it was and take his medicine and go on. his answers were ill conceived and convuulated it gives a lack of confidence in a rather talented person. the republicans may have to go to a 60 vote and will that would mean a filibuster and this is it probably the poorest performance of any person that we have had in history that i have seen. >> we expect that vote to take
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place next week . quickly what took place in the embassy in turkey. a terrorist suspect blows himself up . known to have terror ties whampt does it say? that area it relatively secure for the most part. >> it is it and it was surprising. they are trying to make it look like a left wing group. the left wing marxist are not martyrs that. goes back to radical islamist and back to iran. there is it a lot not known. becomings a martyr he is a radical islamist and i think that will make it way back through syria and iran when they do it. the turks don't want to say that because that creates a lot of problems in the region
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for them. but astute observers will say that is where it is coming from. >> always great to see you for your insight. there are a lot of hot spots we will have to keep a watch on. >> and we want to ask you. should u.s. hold direct talks with iran. tweet your answers to us at hurricaneuma and i will read your responses later in this hour. i believe in the idea of amnesty for those who have put down roots and lived here even though sometime back they may have entered illegally. >> president ronald reagan discussing his support for amnesty. he hoped that there would be strict border enforcement and more than two decades later it is it a problem . now stiantors are announcing
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this week they want a path to citizenship with a promise much stricter border inforcement . earlier, i talk would to michael reagan to look back >> my father is waiting for border security and gone from the united states and died in 2004 . we need to live up to what happened in nine 86 under simpson and secure our borders and yet chuck shumer talking about that. that securing the borders should not be the enemy of dealing with the illegals in this country. back in '86, the argument was in we don't secure the border and we are giving amnesty it will be a great influx of more illegals in the country and that's what happened and that's what we need to do first. take care . border and then you deal with
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the 11 million people who are here and you center to fix the whole immigration policy in the united states of america. you can't stand in line for 10-15 years to get in america. that's why the brains are going to the other country in the world. america doesn't want anybody anymore. >> did your father regret the decision knowing that the enforcement was eclusive. >> he . and he was upset with the fact that the border was never secured and that promised to him in that piece of legislation. what a lot of people don't understand. when we cut out the program in the 1960s because . farm labor unions. we didn't stop hispanics from coming in to the united states of america. we stopped them from going home to the count reaps of origin . now you have a great group of hispanics here are now illegal
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because of the program that was stopped and families on the other side of the border who didn't want to be with the families in the united states. there is it a lot to the issue that needs to be fixed and we need to get to the bottom of it and build it from the bottom up and not from top down. >> you wrote in a colume said republicans should be welcome to immigrants and until the parity changings, the democrats will own the latino vote like they own the black vote. do you think it riskings a possible that republicans will be seen as a group that is obstructing progress on immigration? >> the reality is. they understand the securing the border of the united states of america. those people come in and end up taking their jobs and taking their jobs and pushing the pay down .
9:19 am
so they understand border enforcement and what happens, is that the republican party, you will only hear the outrageous statements about send everybody home and pick up the 11 receive -- million . take the kids born here and brought here illegally and send them home. ronald reagan parts of the dream act that ronald reagan would not support and he has president would bring people in the white house and find areas of agreement and sign that legislation and sign on to that piece of legislation. we don't need to talk about this in an angry way. we need to figure out a right way to deal with it. start with the border and secure the border and deal with the immigration policies that are not allowing people into this country and make them wait in line 10-15 years. i have a friend of mine who waited in line 17 years to become a citizen of the united states of america.
9:20 am
that is outrageous. you just go to another count ripe . the whole policy needs to be fix then you dial with the 11 million and to think that pime are willie nilly coming forward . people are showing up and be shipped home are stupid on its face. that is not going to happen. something else needs to be done. >> and let me ask you in terms of your thoughtless of why you think the white house is bringing up the issue now. there are concerns about widge issues to stark contrast between the gop and democrat. is it a wedge issue for the gop? >> yes, if is it a wedge issue and that's what the president is trying to do. he will not want to lose the senate in 2014. he is trying to take back the house of representatives. i spoke in florida friday before thanksgiving to a group much 400 people. you need to be embracing
9:21 am
ronald reagan and not just tuke about him. he was inclusive and not exclusive. the republican party sounds exclusive . what i did was with all . blackings in the room please now rise. now would the hispanics please stand up. no one stood up. until we start bringing people to the table where we are setting the table insteved clearing the table nothing is going to change. a good friend of my in los angeles did that. we need to reach out to people who are doing it reach out to martinez and cruzs . bring people who understand the issue to the table instead of rhetoric about the issue. just a short bit. open immigration flood gatings . he will join us why he said open borders. >> and there is much more coming your way in america's
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but it's no secret... it's slimful. eating less is a beautiful thing. >> welcome back everybody. her story sparked a national outcry and today reverend jesse jackson is leading the march for a teen gund gunned down. she recently perform would in president obama's inauguration ceremony. it is it a dubious milestone for chicago. authorities in texas are searching for up to two stipulates they believe wered in the murder of an assistant district attorney outside of a courthouse in north texas. he gunned down as he exited his car. an award fund for the arrest
9:27 am
in this case tops divide 0,000 -- 70,000. >> and stepping forward to defend himself. the retired roman catholic cardinal is speaking out and he developed policiless to safe guard children from predators in the church. he was relieved of public duties by a succor gomez. the condemnation of mahoney was the first and showing how mahoney tried to protect the catholic church. despite the punishment mahoney is it on the vat vat panel that elects the next pope. >> up next, the drama continues in a small alabama community where a child is held captive in an underground bunker. we'll go back for a update. >> and 250,000 twitter accounts may have been hacked.
9:28 am
stay tuned to find out if yours is one of them. >> inspiring story of a man who doesn't let the fact that he is blind get in the way of the fashion of skying. don't go away. all right that'sr problem... ok. not in my house! ha ha ha! ha ha ha! no no no! not today! ha ha ha! ha ha ha! jimmy how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? happier than dikembe mutumbo blocking a shot. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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>> welcome back everybody. we reported in the top of the show it is day five of the hostage drama that place out with a gunman a little boy hostage. we are learning new details about the situation and they are joining us with more . >> you are right. we got out of the press conference and there is it constant and open communication with the suspect
9:33 am
jimmy dykes in the underbunker. he confirm would there is power and an electric heater and he has blankets. that is it a big concern. it is dipping in the 20s overnight. they are providing the little boy medication and no exact name and he is getting it and coloring books and toys . they thanked him for taking care of their child. they will not response to the possible demands that he is making. they are rotating shifts and there will be a express conference nine p.m. loam and 10 p.m. eastern time. >> our prayers are with the little boy. thank you for that update. >> in a security conference in jirm germ. the u.s. prepares to deal
9:34 am
directly with iran and peter doocy is stanning by. peter. nbiden said the direct talkings are contingent of the iranian leadership . they are secretive . talkings have not been fruitful. the los angeles mayor is staying put for now. he said he is flattered by the rumions and will 99 out his mayorial term. >> ed koch will be laid to rest today. he was 88 years old and the new york knicks are hosting the sandy hook kids. it is the it could time they will be with sandy hook.
9:35 am
they hosted a carnival like day of fun. back to you. na new white house proposal would allow employers to shift the cost of third party insurers and provide it at no cost. they will be better defined to make it more clear. atm dollan of new york would study the proposal as would the catholic health. but the national evangelicals rejected that idea. should the united states move forward simplip for the open waters? >> our next guest said yes. author of let them all in and jason is a member of the wall street editorial board. great to have you here today. nthank you for having me. i wouldn't agree with that characterization. the book is an argument of
9:36 am
moving to a free market system. it is supply and demand. >> what do you mean by having open borpeders, how would that work? >> right now, the problem and what drives illegal immigration in the u.s.. there are too many people chasing too few visas. we should allow them to weet the labor needs and we have policy makers engaged in central planning and doesn't work in the soviet union. we have 11 million plus illegal imgrance in the country right now. if we want to reduce and give people more legal ways to come. >> in 86 reagan, there no entry path for immigrants.
9:37 am
do you agree with that. >> we legalize the population and did not provide ways for our employers to have acess to low school foreign labor going forward. if that you will we do this time is legalize the people who are here. our economy is struggling and we'll get back our mojoe . there will be labor demands and unless people from south of the border gain acess, they'll come illegally go and the moving forward the solution is not deal the illegal population . our employers neeled low skill labor going forward. >> you have a bipartisan group of senators saying we will go forward with having people here . amy as they are calling it .
9:38 am
path to citizenship . if you have strict border inforcement. >> and do you think we are going to see the president's way move forward first? >> i think that the two work in standum. a guest worker program acleaviates pressure on the border and frys up the border patrol to focus on real threats and overwhelming majorit i is migrants who would use the front door and that will free them up to chase down people who sneak in drug dealers and potential terrorist and so forth . the two work in standum. . and that the is it before we work with the guest worker program. you will not make it empen trabble. you will reduce pressure by giving them more legal ways to
9:39 am
enter into the u.s.. >> thank you for joining us with your insight. >> thank you. >> and okay, you may remember barny, the peppy pup that roomed the halls . white house in george bush's presidency. we are sad to report that barny passed away. the scottish terrier's christine vu tour an on line sen -- sensation. he was a faithful friend and fierce armdillo. the bush family plan to bury their pet in the the ranch in transmittal texas. when we comelms to police in la. forcing officers to respond to fabricated crime. it cost tax papers thousands of dollars. what lawmakers are looking to do to make it stop stay with us. .
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>> welcome back everybody. north corinthians is threatening retaliation upon . officials in the north are accusing the u.s. of having double standards on rocket launchers. they'll conduct a third nuclear test. u.s. said the south corinthians launch had no military attempt. frank holtwherecould see harsher penalties in new york. and police are responding to fake crime scenes and now lawmakers had enough. tell us laul about it. >> it is it the prank 911 calls and that gets the police with swarms was officers to the scene.
9:45 am
and they're targeting so far. inclugged miley cierous whose los angeles home was run with police. authorities stay it is it a massive waste and now ted lew proposed a bill that anyone conconvicted of swatting pay the price. >> if is not a game. if you do it and you get caught. you will get mand tore jail time and held responsible for the entire cost of the your fake incident. >> these incidents are complex. ashton's house when he got swatted. someone could get hurt and the reaction of the security who are often armed.
9:46 am
>> if somebody gets hurt because of these. individuals will be prosecuted by the proxy laws for those injuries. if somebody would die we would attempt manslaughter charges. that coulden mean up to three years. a 12 year old boy rasted in swatting. the public gets wated and the police chief said his departments had to get sharcher. it cost 10 to 15,000 . that is tax mayer money that is it wasted. >> thank you very much. >> and stow you people, there is no shadow to see an early
9:47 am
spring for you and me. >> and most of you know that today is february 2nd . the crowd went wild as punxsutawney phil made the official prediction in what was a staring contest. he spoke with the president in ground hog ease. had he seen his shadow window would have extended. but the prediction came out of the phil and we are going to have a shorter winter season. apparent leap he stood in frigid 8 degrees weather . that means spring isomit way . just to let you know. punxsutawney phil has been right only 30 percent of the time. we'll keep our fingers crossed. >> and you know your tweets are public but what about your pass word. a major twitter breach . find out if you are hacked .
9:48 am
sking is a popular winter past time and imagine doing it without seeing the slopes. we'll talk to a man who is doing just that. his amazing story coming your way after the break. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. your soups are so awesomely delicious my husband and i can't stop eating 'em! what's...that... on your head? can curlers! tomato basil, potato with bacon... we've got a lot of empty cans. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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>> welcome back, everybody. as we toweled in the top of the show, the sheriff in midland city, alabama said the lines of communication remain open with the man accused of holding a little five year old boy hostage in an underground bunker . it is day five of the drama. the sheriff would not say if jimmy lee dykes has any demands. he has heaters and blankets in the bunker . the temperatures are falming in the 20s that. a big concern to make sure the little boy could stay warm. dykes allowed them to deliver coloring books and medication and toys to the young boy he is holding at the time. sheriff olsen thank would dykes for taking care of the by in the situation. we'll plan to update you on
9:53 am
dralm. he's crying for his parents and yet still remains there as police try to negotiate with the suspect to let him go. >> 250,000 people who used the twitter accounts had their accounts hacked. it is one . trending stories. twitter shut down the attackings when they were detected . they may have gained access to user claims and pass words. twitter asked users to reset the pass word. >> harvard university reprimanded dozens of students for cheating. the test is it a final exam in the class about congress. a lottery winner with drew the
9:54 am
claim. they are trying to find out why . a lawyer came forward just minutes before the claim deadline . rather than explain, the claim was with drawn and now authorities are looking into whether a crime committed in relaxation to the winning ticket. more on the story and find it on fox >> and now a man who gives new meaning to flying blind. a skier who has collided with trees and fallen off of a feet and not afried of a diamond run. the catch is that he is blind. he is joining us from chicago to talk about fear, falls and future involving stock car racing. waly, so glad you are here and thank you for joining us. >> thanks for thes. >> you are an inspiring individual that gives new meaning to the world courageous. tell us why it is so important
9:55 am
to you and let people know that when determination and faith, you can achieve interesting. >> i didn't think the opportunity would come to me again. i used to ski. before i lose my vision. now i have no usable vision and i ski blind . i found the group that you ski with american blind sking . they brought a new sense of well, a chance to me that i didn't think would be available again. >> how is it that you have no fear. >> there is i love challenges. as i got better sking. i wouldn't get better if i didn't try harder hills.
9:56 am
mogul runs and harder black diamond runs and things like that . so as ed sking. i am better now that i am blind than when i accounted see. i push myself and try to stay in good shape. when i do fall and you know, if you are not falling, you are not challenging or pushing yourself. i do like to push myself and i have to talk our guides. >> i understand you tramp -- i see we lost our skier there. waly, unfortunately. sorry about the technical problems. we do aplude you and salute your courage. you are an inspiration. we'll take a quick break and come back with more after this. [ male announcer ] when these come together,
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TOPIC FREQUENCY Alabama 6, Iran 4, Los Angeles 3, Dykes 3, Ronald Reagan 3, Mahoney 2, Syria 2, Texas 2, Slimful 2, Biden 2, Hagel 2, Campbell 2, Chicago 2, Gaviscon 2, Elizabeth 2, Uma 2, Geico 2, Mr. Dykes 2, Joe Biden 2, Olsen 2
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